In Europe, all domestic household products come with an EU energy label.
This energy label helps consumers identify how energy efficient a product actually is and to assess a product’s potential to reduce energy costs.

The energy label comes with accurate, recognisable and comparable information on domestic household products regarding energy consumption, performance and other essential characteristics. The label is uniform for all products in a given category. Consumers can compare easily the characteristics of appliances in a given category such as energy or water consumption, or capacity. All the information the label contains is based on test standards prescribed in the European Legislation.

The label initially classified products from A+++ to G, A+++ being the most efficient energy class and G the least efficient.
A colour code differentiates a product's energy efficiency: dark green indicates a highly efficient product and red a low efficient product.
Please note that depending on the appliance, the energy class strip and/or the pictograms can change.