Steam Cooking, how does it work?

Food is really important when you want to live a healthy lifestyle. One of the most effective and helpful cooking methods to create healthy meals is steaming. Steaming is a cooking method where you use boiling water to cook food. Traditionally, a steamer was used to steam food but nowadays various built-in kitchen appliances are used to perfect your steam cooking.

Steam cooking is the process of steaming your dish using a steam oven. As the water heats up, it produces steam that cooks your food. It is said to be the best cooking method to preserve the nutrients of the food you are preparing.

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Different Types of Steam Ovens

There are different types of steam ovens. Depending on your lifestyle, the size of your kitchen and the food you like to prepare one type of steamer will suit you better than the other. Luckily ImportAppliances has a wide range of steam cookers to choose from.

Full Steam Oven

A steam oven is the best kitchen appliance to prepare your healthy meals. Its unique steaming features preserve your foods natural aroma, vitamins and minerals. Whether you’re preparing a complete menu or a side dish, a steam oven can handle the task.

Bosch Stainless Steel Steam oven CDG634BS1

Combi-Steam Oven

Our combi-steam oven is both a full multifunctional oven and a steam oven. This is perfect for your basic daily cooking needs such as baking and roasting, In addition, it can also create delicious steamed meals or side dishes.

Bosch Stainless Steel Combi Steam oven HSG636ES1

Light Steam Oven

The light steam oven has a pulse-steam function. The puls-steam function, adds steaming to the usual conventional heating mode. This makes your dish perfectly crispy outside yet delightfully juicy inside. The ideal oven is you like baking bread and pastries.

Neff Stainless Steel Combi LightSteam oven B57VS24H0

High-Pressure Steam Oven

When you need to prepare meals under time pressure the high-pressure steam oven is the right choice. Compared to the regular steam ovens, high-pressure steam ovens save up to 50% of the cooking time. This oven is best at cooking vegetables and meat dishes.

Miele Stainless Steel High Pressure Steam oven DGD4635

Steam oven with microwave

After an additional oven, why not add a microwave & steam oven? This oven is a fully functioning microwave oven and steam oven in one appliance. The ideal addition to a conventional oven. Great for quickly heating up a dish (microwave) and the perfect assistant for steamed side dishes.

Siemens Stainless Steel Steam and Microwave oven CP565AGS0

Combi oven

Only space for one oven in your kitchen? That’s not a problem, our combi oven can do it all a conventional oven, a microwave oven and you can even insert pulses of steam with the LightSteam function. Use the light steam function to prove dough or reheat food. You can also use the light stream in combination with traditional heating methods for a crisper crust, a glossier surface and a juicier result.

siemens HN678G4S1 a super oven combi and self-cleaning

More steam ideas

Another more traditional way of steaming your food is by using your induction cooktop. With induction cooking, you can boil water super quickly, add your steamer pot and steam away.

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Feel like trying something crazy? Why not try steam cooking using a dishwasher. Yes, you read it right! You can use your own dishwasher to steam your meals. Read more about steam cooking using a dishwasher, in our blog post “How to: Cook salmon in your dishwasher.

Steam cooking is the perfect way to cook food such as vegetables, meat, and seafood. Just check how long you steam each type of food (download our detailed steam time overview).

  • Vegetables - steam for about 3 to 8 minutes depending on the type of vegetable
  • Fish - steam for 8 to 10 minutes depending on the size
  • Chicken and pork meat - steam for 30 minutes depending on size and thickness

For further information about steam cooking, check our website for the different steam ovens or contact us. We are happy to assist your inquiries.