Our hoods are impressively effective at eliminating smoke, odours and steam. Many have an additional intensive mode for even more extraction. It helps get rid of particularly heavy fumes. Check out our rangehoods with hood control function these high-quality rangehoods switch on and off automatically when your cooktop needs them.

How does your ideal rangehood look like?

Integrated into your worktop Plan your kitchen exactly as you wish without being limited by your extractor hood. A cooktop with Integrated hood or table vent opens up a lot of design options. And are a perfect addition to your open kitchen,

Design over your kitchen island Make a statement. We all know that cooking islands are inviting places to cook and eat together. An ceiling vent, make it easy to keep the air in your kitchen clean. If you love to entertain are a fan of open plan living these powerful hoods are what you need.

Design against your wall If you're more for a timeless or classic look, check out these impressive range hoods. A wall-mounted chimney hood is an ideal solution for many kitchens. They can be positioned right on the wall above your cooktop. Wall-mounted hoods are available in lots of different styles, sizes and colours, so you're sure to find one that's perfect for you.

integrated into your upper kitchen cabinets Hidden from view, but still hard working, these are the integrated extractor hoods. Built-in hoods are a perfect fit with your kitchen cabinets, as they fit discreetly in the units above your cooktop. For a completely hidden look go for the same furniture panelling as on your cabinets.

To ensure that you're happy with your appliance over the long term, it's important to know what level of performance you need.
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